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Product Information

All of our products are made to order in Perth, Western Australia

All of our decals are made from the highly trusted removable fabric that is - PhotoTexOur decals & wallpaper are made on a premium Opaque PhotoTex fabric so that you can use them on coloured walls and easily overlap without anything underneath showing through.

PhotoTex is the number one trusted and truly removable fabric wall media on the market. 

"PhotoTex is the original peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out), the Adhesive is Re-movable, Re-usable and Re-positional. Our fabric media gives you vivid, sharp print results with brilliant colours.

Used for numerous applications PhotoTex does not weaken or strengthen over time, can withstand all weather conditions, and it will not shrink or curl like other material. PhotoTex won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation. PhotoTex material is US patented and non-toxic." 

Not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavy painted spackled wall board. Make sure you allow 30-days on newly painted surfaces for out-gassing (to prevent bubbling or failure) and all walls MUST have been primed (to prevent issues). 

PhotoTex is not recommended for use on textured surfaces, paints containing teflon, paint without a base layer of quality primer or paint that is flaking or in need of repair.


  • Whilst the decals are removable the reusability depends on the care taken for them. These are not toys – they are décor and therefore should not be removed and reused for “fun”. Obviously the best way to get longevity is to apply per instruction the first time.
  • For a subsequent move the decals need to be completely free of dust, transported on original backing and applied to new clean surface (per instruction) without delay. Any adhesive exposure to the elements will affect the decals ability to stick. 
  • All statements, technical information, recommendations and/or instructions about our products are based upon tests on smooth walls and while our statements about our decals are believed to be reliable, they do NOT constitute a guarantee or warranty. All products are sold with the understanding that the Customer has independently determined the suitability of each decal for their proposed wall location, after considering the size, humidity, texture of the wall, and/or cleanliness of the wall.

* Fire rating: All material is Class I or A: ESTM 84, NFPA 101, 500 and international code 803.1.1 fire rated